Paride Iaretti

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“I love this land, these hills, these vineyards, that I spent my life caring for as children. Behind me Monte Rosa, to guard, as a shield, to the vines. In front of me, my village, Gattinara, lying at the foot of these splendid bunches of nebbiolo grapes that fill my heart. The cool climate of Upper Piedmont, the favorable exposure of our vineyards and the volcanic soil, rich in minerals, give our wines unique characteristics that cannot be replicated elsewhere. I have always tried to put excellence inside our barrels, respecting the strict specification, which limits the quantities produced per hectare, for the benefit of a unique product.

In the cellar we age the wine, helped by the slow following of time and seasons, to give our customers, after four years, an emotion, more than just a bottle. But the character of our wine is forged much earlier. It takes body and heart from the work done in the vineyard. From the daily commitment, from the continuous care, almost maniacal of the vines.” Paride Iaretti