Chateau Saint Florin 🌿

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In the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, the small village of Soussac stands on the slopes of the Butte de Launay, the highest point in the region.
It is here that many generations of the Jolivet family have looked after their vines. Domaine de Saint Florin once saw pigrims passing on their way to Compostella, but the current building is in the purest 19th-century regional style. In 1981, Mr and Mme Jolivet took over the destiny of the 27-hectare family estate. Over the years, they have modernised and extended it, while remaining true to their fundamental principle: working their craft with the greatest care.
This passion for their profession means taking personal control over
all the different stages, from the colour change of the grapes through the winemaking process.
In 1999, they joined together with neighbouring winegrowers to build
a waste-water treatment plant and contribute to protecting the natural environment that is so dear to them.
Today, Mr and Mme Jolivet make a Bordeaux red, a Bordeaux white and a Bordeaux rosé which are truly worthy of the terroir of Bordeaux.