600 Campi

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The wines of ‘600campi’, inspired by the work of those who have cultivated the parcels of land around the estate over the centuries, are spokesmen for the territorial tradition of the Friuli Grave Appellation, known for its important grape varieties such as Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Glera and Friulano. The use of the most modern technologies, therespect of rigorous sustainability practices and the application of the historical winemaking traditions of our territory, allow us today to produce wines from medium/long maceration and fermentation on the yeasts, which are accessible to everyone. To meet the demands of their customers, their wines are also Vegan certified.

They are committed to saving water, with their underground irrigation system managed by probes that allow them to supply water only where and when it is needed, canalizing it underground from their artesian well directly to the roots of the vines. In their vineyards they favour natural and organic practices. They have banned pesticides and chemical fertilizers and considerably reduced the use of copper. The grapes are harvested when they have reached optimum ripeness. They pursue their choices of quality and sustainability also in the cellar, where we work to minimize the use of sulphites.