PSP Global Wines is an importer and wholesaler of fine wines and spirits from around the world. We source the best available products, through both personal connections with small producers, for whom we serve as an outsourced export manager, and strong relationships with key volume producers, many of whom have been making wine for generations. Regardless of size, all of our suppliers are committed to using sustainable farming practices.  We even grow and produce a portion of our portfolio in the Tuscan hill town of Pienza, Italy.

Our portfolio is diverse and carefully curated to bring unique wines to our clients and their customers. We sell to restaurants, stores and other retail outlets in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and we are a registered broker to the New Hampshire State Liquor Commission. We also work with other distributors in Maine, Vermont, Texas and Colorado. In each line of our business, we put a premium on developing solid, long-lasting relationships.

We hope you enjoy our unique portfolio of the highest quality wines from around the world. Our offices are located on the North Shore of Massachusetts in Beverly Farms.  

Focus on Philanthropy

Just as we have forged relationships with small producers in Italy and beyond, and with customers here in the US, we are also committed to building partnerships with non-profit organizations in our community north of Boston. PSP Global Wines is proud to support organizations that are dedicated to helping kids and families end hunger and to find jobs in the food and wine business. Some of our partners include Root, Beverly Bootstraps, Plummer Youth Promise and many others.