Domaine Vallot 馃尶

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Domaine Vallot, located in Vinsobres, is situated on a hill at an altitude of more than 450m at its highest and sports a mild microclimate all year round. Its altitude gives its wines a lot of freshness.
Vinsobres gained the CRU appellation in 2006 thanks to its terroirs, its sunshine and the quality of its wines. It is the first Cru of the C么tes du Rh么ne in Dr么me Proven莽ale

The vineyard, located between Nyons and Vaison-la-Romaine, faces south and extends over the sunny hillsides.

The exceptional character of the climate and the passion of Fran莽ois Vallot allowed the certification of the vineyard in Organic Agriculture in 2003, practices already installed for many years in his wines, then towards the biodynamic DEMETER certification in 2007.

Biodynamics seeks to strengthen the vitality and resistance of plants, by improving the natural exchanges between the soil and the roots, and between the sky, the fruit, the flower and the leaves. Thus, the expression of the terroir in the grapes is optimized and is found in the wine. Biodynamic wines guarantee a better expression of the terroir.
The estate offers clean and gourmet wines, characterized by silky and elegant tannins, guaranteeing excellent aging potential. The freshness of the wines is striking.